building a New World with Nature, Art & Love

Music and Arts are necessary for sustainability. The new generations will follow as we provide inspiring creative spaces that highly contributes to wellbeing, happiness and abundance.

A space to play, to learn and create, all day, all night, always


Fine Arts and Digital Arts

Arts have been through history the most impacting influence on world cultures. Through architecture, painting and sculpting as well as cooking and so on… we have expressed who we are through millenniums. Actually what in history we are most proud is our works of art. From the pyramids of Egypt, to Renaissance, to modern art it is the most valuable asset because its artistic values.

Except from Nature, the most amount of beauty is created by art, and beauty is food for soul. 

We are very grateful to be conscious of the power of Arts. When we find our art language life evolves in ways we’d never imagine.


Recordings & Performances

Music, in our modern society, has become more influential than ever, in history. Science reports, wellbeing influencers and we the people recognize the necessity and extreme benefits of Music.

I think there are more people playing and listening to music than in all the temples of the world. And Music is spiritual, psychological, mental and physical medicine.

Dance is a wonderful way to improve your physical and mental state. We go dancing to feel the universe in ourselves, to feel the people around us. It is deep connection in ourselves and the collective.

Music is our medicine and our spiritual way to express love, feelings and consciousness.

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Video & Photography

Films, videos and photography are now the most popular way to communicate. Technology has brought means to produce imagery and sound at almost no cost. Communications and audiovisuals have become inseparable. Information, news, education, storytelling and human to human communications are now mostly expressed through audiovisuals.
The most impacting communication power.

Politics, businesses and artists favor audiovisuals as their best promotional tool. 
It is vital that we and the new generations learn and excel in producing audiovisuals as we need to share our 
Plus it can be a team work, it includes all the arts together and it make us experience stories that may become as or more important as life itself.
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Learn how to build with Bamboo, wood, earth and other complementary materials.

The combination of bamboo, wood and earth makes the most elegant and pleasant architecture. The organic materials provide warmth at night and fresh temperature at night. 


Learn how nature works, how plants and resources may be used to complement each other without use of pesticides.

There are ways to cultivate that help the soil and protects the plants. Learn the ancient and modern techniques that will regenerate  our land and will give us healthy food. 


We facilitate Spanish and English classes and conversation meetings.

Enjoy meeting people who speak the language you want to learn and viceversa.
Have dinner, hang out while you learn.


Video production
Music composition & recording.
Events production
Bamboo & wood furniture



Basic photography
Video production basics
Music production

Bio construction
Bamboo & wood furniture making



The Garden hosts events up to 400 people . In the near future will be able to receive more.
Stage, Sound system & Kitchen available.

We are at the cross of 2 rivers and it is a delight to listen to music while swimming in blessed waters.

 MAE Music Arts & Education is a non profit organization that has produced several events at The Garden.
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