Yoga in San José

Yoga & Meditation

If you are looking to continue with your Yoga practice while in San José, Costa Rica the Garden Hostel is the place to be. The closest yoga center is just 3 blocks away from us, and one of the yoga gems in Central America is just 1 km away. The east side of San José, San Pedro, is where the University of Costa Rica is located, and with it you get this nice hippie vibe. Places to do Yoga are numerous in the Escalante and Main San Pedro areas.  

My personal favorite is Yoga Mandir located in the university area. The instructor, Edgar Ortiz, and his family are the pioneers of yoga in Costa Rica. Most of the instructors from Costa Rica get their knowledge from this guy. Totally recommended. When I mentioned a Hidden Gem I as thinking of this place. A lot of foreigners come to  Costa Rica to improve their yoga and miss this place because they don´t know it exists. 

I also enjoy doing Yoga in the Feria Verde de Aranjuez, Saturdays @ 10 am. I normally come by to the hostel before and can give you a lift if interested. 

Meditation classes are not that numerous but there is el Arte de vivir nearby whici is worth checking. I took their meditation course and really enjoyed it. I also sometimes go to the park across the street

Places to do Yoga in San José

Downtown Yoga
Feria Verde Aranjuez


El Arte de Vivir
Park accross the street from us