Where to have coffee in San José?

Top 5 Coffee places in  San José

Coffee is one of the top reasons Costa Rica is well known for, besides from its beautiful beaches, mountains and biodiversity. If you were wondering where to have coffee in San José we have made you a list of our top 5 places  to enjoy this beverage.


Coffee production has played a key role in Costa Rica‘s history and continues to be important to the country’s economy. In 2006, coffee was Costa Rica’s number three export,[1] after being the number one cash crop export for several decades. In 1997, the agriculture sector employed 28 percent of the labor force and comprised 20 percent of Costa Rica’s total GNP.[2] Production increased from 158,000 tons in 1988 to 168,000 tons in 1992. The largest growing areas are in the provinces of San JoséAlajuelaHerediaPuntarenas, and Cartago. The coffee is exported all over the world and can also be found in cities in Costa Rica.

Here is out list of 5 places to have great coffee in San José:

Café Privilegios – Dota Coffee

Dota coffee is well known to some but hardly heard of by most. This coffee offers a unique flavor all its own thanks to a region inside of Costa Rica, where it is grown and harvested every year. In this area, with medium to high elevations and a cool climate, coffee flourishes. This coffee is from the renowned growing region of Tarrazú, a world famous place where some of the world’s best coffee is grown and harvested. This coffee shop is located 300 meters away from The Garden CR. 

Coffee San José The Garden Hostel
Café Privilegios

Location: Mall San Pedro, just 300 meters away from The Garden CR.


Café del Barista

Coffee San José The Garden Hostel
Café del Barista


They roast their own beans, dedicating themselves to highlighting the aroma and unique flavor of each coffee this guarantees you an excellent experience.
Location: 150 meters east of the north entrance of the Calderón Guardia Hospital



Coffee San Jose The Garden Hostel


Two great baristas and a diversity of brewing methods serve 23 varieties from the 8 different coffee regions in CR. You can be sure of an excellent cup of coffee here.
Location: In Kalú Restaurant, 100 meters east of the Parque de Francia in Barrio Escalante. 10 minute walk away from the hostel.
Must-Try Drinks: Espressos, cappuccinos and Chemex


Underground Brew Café

Coffee San José Costa Rica
Underground Café

It’s the surprisingly well-fitting combination of electronic music and a good cup of coffee. In fact, you could consider this almost-hidden café a DJ center, making up for it’s hard-to-find location with plenty of good beats.
Location: 50 meters to the east of Instituto Intensa Casa #3350


Mancha Café and Studio

Coffee San Jospe Costa Rica
La Mancha Café & Estudio

Mancha Café and Studio hosts workshops on brewing methods, and you can also purchase the café’s own brand of coffee: La Mancha.
Location: Calle Primera, between Avenida Central and Avenida 1
Must-Try Drinks: V60, cappuccino