San José Restaurants

Restaurants in San José

So you are already in San José, but it is hard to find were to eat right? Don´t worry, The Garden Hostel is here to help. Being in the city it is hard to find good restaurants since most of the good stuff is hidden or unknown. It is very easy to find a Mcdonalds, but a good burguer restaurant? We´ll that´s what we are here for.  

The Garden Hostel is in a very good location if you consider yourself a foodie. Restaurants are all over the place in this area!  Barrio Escalante, which has become the gastronomic capital of San José features many restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. This area is just 400 meters away from our Hostel! Barrio Dent (our neighborhood) also has a good variety of restaurants, from fine Dining to fast food, most of them walking distance (500 mts). the university area (500 mts too) also haas a lot of restaurants, most on the cheaper side, but great nonetheless. 

So don´t worry, food is available all around our place. We will make the sacrifice to go and rank most restaurants and offer you lists of out top places, so you can filter your search easily. 

Top places to have breakfast in San José

Top places to have dinner in San José