Jazz Café San Pedro

Jazz Café Costa Rica

Jazz Café in one of the first places dedicated to live music I remember in San José. It opened it 1999 with the idea to become the home of high quality music, in particular for genres usually not afforded much opportunity in other venues. This proposal has been very well received by the public, they also opened a second sit in Escazú on 2008.  Jazz Café features the best national musicians and, fairly regularly, world-class international shows. Jazz, blues, R&B and Latin American folk music are the norm but other musical styles including salsa and rock occasionally fill the stage.  Constant participation by well-known international artists has turned them into an active part of the international jazz circuit. The list of artists performing at the Jazz Café includes world class performers,. I am a bass player, I´ve been blessed to have seen Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, John Pattitucci and even Miles Davis in this stage. 

They have great food and the bar is really nice. Atmosphere is very personal which is perfect for live shows, the place sits 220 people with the stage at the center. 


you can check their live music line up at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jazzcafecostarica/


Jazz Café. Costa Rica


Jazz Café. Costa Rica


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