Irazu Volcano, Basílica of Cartago and Orosi Valley

Irazu Volcano, Basílica of Cartago and Orosi Valley

Driving on the Panamerican Highway, we will begin our ascent to the great Iztaru. The picturesque drive will take us through fertile farm land with a great variety of products like potatoes, onion, carrots and beets. At the peak of the volcano, we will see the main craters: Irazu, Playa Hermosa and Diego de la Haya. This volcano is the highest in Costa Rica at 3432 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level. Its most recent eruptive stage was between 1963 and 1965 with gas and ashes found throughout the entire country. On a sunny day, both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be seen from the peak of the volcano.

Irazu Volcano


After our time at the volcano, we will descend upon the city of Cartago, the former Costa Rican capital, established in 1563 by conqueror Juan Vázquez de Coronado. Here we will visit the Virgin of Los Angeles Basilica, built in honor of Catholic patron saint of Costa Rica who is celebrated every August 2nd with thousands of pilgrims from every corner of the country visiting the Basilica on foot since 1635.

Basílica de los Ángeles


We will then move on to the enchanting, colonial Orosi Valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains that produce coffee, sugarcane and decorative plants among many other products. Orosi played an important historical and religious part of the colonial era. All of the remaining sites have been declared historical national monuments, including the beautiful Colonial Church of Orosi. As it is still open to the public, we will visit this church. After a delicious typical lunch, will start our journey back to San Jose.

Orosi Colonial Church