The Hosts

The Hosts


We are more than glad to host your San Jose experience! Our hosts will be more than happy to help you with any needs you have, from bus stations addresses , nightlife and food recommendations to one day tour suggestions and more. The hosts were all born and raised in San Jose, meaning they all know the city pretty well and can give you good insights about San Jose.  Here is a brief summary of their qualities and personalities:


Sergio is a software engineer, traveler, jujitsu fighter and food fan. He is the guy you can ask him where to have a beer with great food or even party at night. He is pretty good at cooking, you will probably see him cooking in the hostel during the week, feel free to ask him for recipes or recommendations about any food.  He knows the area like the palm of his hand since he has been living in the neighborhood for 28 years, so his recommendations are pretty asserted.

Interests: food, cooking, jiu-jitsu, running, football, video games, party, traveling and technology.


Designer and yogini. Loves dogs, outdoors, chocolate and wine. Since little, she enjoys a trip to downtown for a traditional ice cream “helado de sorbetera” at the central market. San Jose has always captured her attention for its contrasts, textures and culture.

Interests: art, design, new flavors, traveling, theology, and knowing about different lifestyles.


Juan is the permanent resident at the garden guesthouse. He’s very outgoing and charismatic. Perfect host for your San Jose experience to be lived to the fullest. Currently finishing law school at university of Costa Rica, and if you like football, poker, jogging and/or hiking you’re going to hit it off instantly. Looking for a one day tour or need information about your trip? He’ll hook you up with the information on the spot.


Alberto is a biomedical engineer. The whisky and a book kind of guy. Hobbies include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga and reading. Not a vegetarian but loves vegetarian food. Really enjoys good conversations and making new friends. Tell him about your trip so he can give you great insights from his travels in Costa Rica!


A morning creature with a thrill for adventure, sports and always for the look out to learn about everything. Tell him about your country, your culture, etc he loves to listen. For Diego his number one priority is his son followed by being a business man and jiujitsu. Breakfast is Diego’s favorite meal, ask him where to delight yourself early morning in San Jose.

Personal motto: hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.