Is San José safe?

Is San José safe?

Safe San José Hostel
San José Downtown


Is San José safe? this is by far one of the most frequent questions we get, and the answer always depends on the area and time we are talking about. If you have been traveling to other cities in Latin America, San José is by far one of the safest compared to them, but that doesn’t  mean there is no crime. Pick-pocketing is one of the most common crimes around. Thankfully this is easy to avoid. Places like downtown have a high density of pedestrians, so it is very important to be aware at all times. Police are around, and they are normally very nice people. Once in this boardwalk you might want to avoid going north, since this are the shady areas in downtown. 




Stay safe in San José


As in every city, common sense is needed to stay safe. Some of our recommendations are:

  • Don´t wear expensive stuff, or things that look very expensive
  • Don´t carry laptops or cell phones, or try not to be obvious about it
  • When traveling at night, try to use Uber, or taxi
  • Don´t leave valuables visibly in the car
  • Be aware of your surroundings, if other pedestrians suddenly disappear, there 
    might be a reason
  • In bars, don´t leave drinks unattended
  • Ask around, people here are nice and will give information on places to avoid


The Garden Hostel

If you are staying in The Garden Hostel, you are definitely safe. The president lives two blocks away, so police is always around, they normally pass in front of us every 30 minutes. We have never had an issue with guests walking to downtown. That said, there are some areas in downtown that are a little bit shady (area surrounding Terminal 7-10 for example), so we never recommend walking there. 

We are located on the east side of San José, in Barrio Dent. Very close to the University of Costa Rica (great place go running), Barrio Escalante (very safe to walk even at night). Both of this places are 3 blocks away and have high pedestrian traffic, so they are normally very safe.  Avenida Segunda is the main avenue connecting San Pedro with downton San José, this avenue I consider very safe to walk.

If you are trying to reach a specific address it is better if you ask our staff, we are always helpful and your safety is our concern. Sometimes taking a $5 Uber ride might save you from losing your $600 phone. 

If you have any questions Contact Us!