Craft Beer and Pubs

Craft Beer and Pubs in San José

 Craft Beer in Costa Rica in general is something fairly recent, but since us ticos love to drink it has become a major Hobby. Companies like Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co., Sin Corbata, Calle Cimarrona are some of the brands that are well established in this niche. Before them we only had beers from Cerveceria de Costa Rica (Imperial, Pilsen), which are not bad, but they had a monopoly in the beer market. 

If you are looking to try craft beers The Garden Hostel is the place to stay, we are just 3 blocks away from Barrio Escalante, which has become sort of the Mecca for Pubs and lovers of craft beer. Places like Wilk, Costa Rica Beer Factory and Apotecario have their own beer brands. 

If you are not looking to stay in a pub, but take them back to the hostel, Automercado, Fresh Market  and Papá Licores (best choice) have variety of brands. This are 4 blocks away. (also in Barrio Escalante)

Here is a list (links provided) to my favorite pubs or restaurants were you will find a good craft beer selection. Some of them are a little bit farther away than Barrio Escalante, but are definitely worth going to. 


Craic – Great selection of beers from around the world and Costa Rica

Wilk – The host Live Brews on most Thursdays, were you can learn about the process. 

Apotecario – not only do they make their own brand of beers, but also of Kombucha. I heard they were going to make ginger beer but haven´t gone to try it. 

Stiefel – One of the first pubs I remember, most craft beers started getting sold in here.

Casa Brew Garden – This place is like an abandoned house, but has a lot of Craft Beer choices

El Anden – This place opened recently, it´s in my late grandmother´s house :).

Craft Beer Recommendations

Some of our favorite Craft Beers are the following:

Gallina de Palo – Sin Corbata

Maldita Vida – TreintayCinco

Libertas –  CRCB